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We are really going to miss the school, which turned our daughter into a wonderful smart kid. Thank you for taking such good care of her.

N. Family

It has been a wonderful year for our son at Keen Learners Montessori where he has grown under the supervision and care of his teachers. We really appreciate the effort, love and care provided by all in the school during the past year. Our son is sure going to miss you all.

R. Family

I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the efforts you have taken during my son’s three years with Keen Learners Montessori. From day one, our son has enjoyed each and every class of yours and looked forward to going to school everyday. Thank you for making our first “experience” with school such an amazing one! We are so blessed to have found a place filled with such attentive and loving people like you. He has learned an enormous amount of material and he has developed many important skills. From learning about colors, shapes, numbers, the alphabet, phonetics, to the beginning of learning how to read, and learning about different continents and cultures and to developing the essential skills of the following instructions, he has grown tremendously. I really appreciate the way in which you helped him develop keen liking for reading books. I thank you again for all the wonderful work you have done.

M. Family

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the school for the education and the wonderful care given to our daughter.

K. Family

Our son has had a wonderful learning experience at Keen Learners Montessori. He has learnt a lot of things both academic and non-academic skills at Keen Learners Montessori. He enjoyed singing songs and has started to like music. Thank you for all the things you have taught him.

A.P. Family

Our daughter started her life at Keen Learners Montessori when she was 2 years 5 months old and she really enjoyed the stay at Keen Learners Montessori. She is going to miss all her friends and teachers.

S. Family

We wish to take this opportunity to thank you all and the staff members at Keen Learners Montessori for the wonderful learning opportunity provided to our son during 2009-2010 school year.

R.I. Family

Thank you for taking such good care of me and teaching me so many things in the past 5 years. Thanks for all your love and affection and many hugs in making me a caring and loving person. Thank you all, always!


Dear Teachers, All of you have done a great job. Thank you all and God Bless you and your home with all of the good things in life.

T. Family

Our son loves school and eagerly looks forward to doing jobs and learning at school. What more could a parent ask you. We really appreciate everything the teachers at Keen Learners Montessori do for him. Thank you!

C. Family