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Keen Learners Montessori Program Schedules and Curriculum

We offer a number of school programs to meet your needs. We offer half day sessions and full day sessions as well as day care for your convenience. Please take a look at our programs below.

8:30-2:30 extended ½ day

8:30-11:30 ½ day program

7:00-6:00 Full day

11:30- 6:00 or 2:30-6:00 Afternoon day care

Choose from 2, 3 or 5 day programs.

We Educate Students to be Exceptional Learners and Independent Thinkers of Vision, Courage and Integrity


Practical Life (Curriculum)

Practical Life is considered the foundation of the Keen Learners Montessori. curriculum. The fundamental tools for learning (concentration, organization, coordination, and independence) are established as the child learns the simple tasks involved with the care of themselves such as buttoning and bow tying, and care of the environment in dishwashing and silver polishing, and courtesies such as “please” and “thank you.”


Sensorial (Curriculum)

Sensorial refines the senses. This is the time in the child’s life when information is received by the child through the senses; therefore, the need to develop and refine the senses is particularly important. The children match and grade colors, shapes and sizes. Textures, sounds and tastes are also matched and graded. Concentration, organization, coordination and independence established in the Practical Life materials are further developed with the Sensorial materials.


Language Arts (Curriculum)

Language Arts is broadly organized into the categories of listening, speaking, writing and reading. At Keen Learners Montessori, there is an emphasis on precise usage of language so that the child hears a clear model of the English language. The names of colors, shapes and sizes are reinforced. The child is encouraged to speak in complete sentences. In the reading process, a phonics approach to reading is utilized, which assigns the sound to the letter. When the child knows a certain number of sounds, the letters are placed together to form words that the child can sound out, blending the sounds to read the word. With a movable alphabet, the child forms words and then reads the words.


Mathematics (Curriculum)

The children learn the numerals and the quantity that goes with the numerals. They begin with 1-10 and then quickly proceed to 100. Simple addition is introduced along with an introduction to the base ten system: units, tens, hundreds and thousands.


Art and Music (Curriculum)

Art is an integral part of the program with art materials available to the child at all times during the day. The media available includes easel painting, watercolors, clay and crayons. Music occurs in groups and involves singing and listening to music.


Culture, Botany and Zoology

In Montessori preschool, children explore the wonders of culture, botany, and zoology through hands-on experiences. They learn about different cultures by celebrating diverse traditions, trying various cuisines, and engaging in multicultural activities. In botany, they discover the beauty of plants, observing how they grow, identifying different types of leaves and flowers, and caring for small gardens. In zoology, they explore the animal kingdom through storytelling, observing live animals, and learning about their habitats and behaviors. Through these interdisciplinary explorations, children develop a profound appreciation for the world around them and cultivate a sense of curiosity and respect for all living things.




*  Some activities may not be available at certain times of the year.